Valentino's Italian Grill

185 S. Broadway Street

Lake Orion, MI 48362

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Sun      4- 8pm

Mon Closed

Tues-Thur 4-8pm

Fri & Sat 4-9


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Tel:  (248) 814-1100 

Fax:  (248) 814-1132

E-Mail:  Chef Louie



Insalate Valentino:                                                Half Tray $25.95 Full Tray $45.95

Spring mix, sun-dried cherries and candied walnuts. Topped with gorgonzola cheese, with raspberry vinaigrette dressing on the side.


Insalate della Casa:                                              Half Tray $20.95 Full Tray $35.95

Mixed greens, onions, tomatoes with your choice of dressing on the side.


Spinaci con Caprino:                                             Half Tray $25.95 Full Tray $45.95

Baby spinach, portabella mushroom, tri-colored roasted peppers, onions and topped with goat cheese. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side.


Caesar Salad:                                                           Half Tray $20.95 Full Tray $35.95

Crispy romaine, fresh parmesan cheese, and croutons with Caesar dressing on the side.




HOMEMADE LASAGNA:                                        Half Tray $70.95 Full Tray $120.95

Comes with marinara sauce  on the side.


Choice of Ravioli:                                               Half Tray $59.95 Full Tray $110.95

Meat, Cheese, Butternut Squash, or Spinach Ricotta with your choice of sauce.


Penne Pasta with your choice of sauce:            Half Tray $35.95 Full Tray $60.95

Marinara, meat sauce, garlic & oil, olive oil sauce, palomino or arbiatta.


Penne Primavera:                                              Half Tray $40.95 Full Tray 70.95

Penne noodles mixed with vegetables with garlic and olive oil sauce.


Penne alla Vodka:                                              Half Tray $40.95 Full Tray $70.95

Fresh tomatoes and onions in a vodka cream sauce.



ADD MEATBALLS                                                 $3.95          2 MEATBALLS

ADD GRILLED CHICKEN                                       $3.95          A PIECE

ADD ITALIAN SAUSAGE                                      $4.95          2 SAUSAGES

ADD GRILLED SHRIMP                                         $7.95          5 PIECES

ADD GRILLED SALMON                                        $7.95           A PIECE



Chicken Marsala:                                                Half Tray $49.95 Full Tray $84.95

Sauteed with mushrooms and a marsala wine sauce.


Chicken Picatta:                                       Half Tray (10 pieces) $49.95 Full Tray (20 pieces) $80.95

Sauteed with artichoke hearts and capers in a lemon white wine sauce.



Chicken Sicilliano: Lightly breaded and sauted with garlic and herbs. Served with ammoglio sauce.

Half tray (10 pieces) $49.95 Full Tray (20 pieces) $80.95




Veal Marsala:                                         Half Tray (15 pieces) $60.95 Full Tray (30 pieces) $110.95

Sauteed veal scaloppini with mushroom and a marsala wine sauce.


Veal Picatta:                                            Half Tray (15 pieces) $60.95 Full Tray (30 pieces) $110.95

Sauteed with artichoke hearts and capers i a light white wine sauce.



Vegetables                                                            Half Tray $19.95 Full Tray $35.95

Potatoes                                                                Half Tray $15.95 Full Tray $25.95

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